Thursday, September 23, 2010


Allow me to introduce S.T.S Sarabia Training System
Bodyweight Conditioning for acrobats
After competing in my first and last bodybuilding contest in 2006 I decide to have a break from weigh lifting..by the way there's nothing wrong with bench press, barbell row, squat, military press etc..I highly recommend them. They are excellent for developing bags of strength and to prevent injuries. There's 1 millions benefit that I could list here..but I'll live that for future post.
The thing is that I got bored of the routine and decide to go back to my roots and start doing free weight exercises, and my goal was not to use any equipment whatsoever...in fact I didn't even want to go to the gym..so, not gym need it and no equipments. Then I start developing all the training programmes for my clients with that philosophy of “NOT GYM NEED IT” and it work, it work so well that I got kick out of my fitness instructor job at my local gym because some of my clients left the gym and decide to train with me outdoor!
This workouts are very functional and will challenger you like not other training system around, plus they are fun to do! They may look simple at first but once you give it a go you will see what I'm talking about. Excellent for as acrobat...It will challenge your mind and body to the max! They are highly functional, making you get fit all over. you will become faster, stronger and more flexible in not time.
Here it is a short demo!
PS: they may look simple to you or complicate to others. just remember that this is the way I train myself and my clients and they are not acrobats...the key is on the intensity and believe me they are intense!!!

If you are interested I'll design a training routine for you!!!
contact me to discuss price.


  1. Luis,

    You are a badass man!! I will definitely be getting in touch with you about making me a workout routine. You deserve payment for all of these great tips that you are giving out.


  2. BTW what is the name of the song on the video?

  3. Thanks my friend. I look forward to help you!
    about the song...i have no idea, i got it from youtube editing. if you have got a downloading media program just type..instrumental rap...good tracks there!
    all the best