Monday, September 27, 2010


Luis Sarabia here reporting from Sunny Mallorca!
Well, I have to say that talking upside down is not something you see every day and not easy either, especially when you trying to communicate on a foreign language...I did a dozen of this little video and never go it right. This is the best one, so imagine the rest that I just delete. Even my recycle bean ask me..what should I do with this rubbish? Well, I did it the best I could. The more important thing is that the message get across. Just let me know if this hall thing make sense, and if not I will try it again when I'm not drunk.

TIP. Standing on your hands with a wide stand make it a lo harder to transfer the weight onto the balancing arms.(L to R or R to L depending in which hand you are going to balance). I suggest you shorten the distance of your hands assume a narrow stand from the beginning of your handstand. This will make the transfer to the balancing hand a lot easier. When doing a one hand handstand you want to avoid as much unnecessary movement.Think about it!!!

If you find this interesting just drop me a quick line bellow!!!
All the best.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just a quick video on how to go from frog position to straddle planche and back.
You are going to get tired of me telling you to tuck your chest in, to push the floor harder, to lean forward, to round your back and contract your abs...but this is the way to do it...trust me, I have try a million way and this one is the easies and more effective...try it for yourself!
So, here we go...
Round your back by tucking your chest in and lean forward bringing your hip up... just over your head. at that point your legs still bend...now gradually start to open straight them back..note that at this point you have to lean forward a bit more to lever the weight. Do this slowly, take your time and feel what you are doing!
Go 4 it!!!

Have a go at this!!!
and see how it goes for you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Allow me to introduce S.T.S Sarabia Training System
Bodyweight Conditioning for acrobats
After competing in my first and last bodybuilding contest in 2006 I decide to have a break from weigh lifting..by the way there's nothing wrong with bench press, barbell row, squat, military press etc..I highly recommend them. They are excellent for developing bags of strength and to prevent injuries. There's 1 millions benefit that I could list here..but I'll live that for future post.
The thing is that I got bored of the routine and decide to go back to my roots and start doing free weight exercises, and my goal was not to use any equipment whatsoever...in fact I didn't even want to go to the gym..so, not gym need it and no equipments. Then I start developing all the training programmes for my clients with that philosophy of “NOT GYM NEED IT” and it work, it work so well that I got kick out of my fitness instructor job at my local gym because some of my clients left the gym and decide to train with me outdoor!
This workouts are very functional and will challenger you like not other training system around, plus they are fun to do! They may look simple at first but once you give it a go you will see what I'm talking about. Excellent for as acrobat...It will challenge your mind and body to the max! They are highly functional, making you get fit all over. you will become faster, stronger and more flexible in not time.
Here it is a short demo!
PS: they may look simple to you or complicate to others. just remember that this is the way I train myself and my clients and they are not acrobats...the key is on the intensity and believe me they are intense!!!

If you are interested I'll design a training routine for you!!!
contact me to discuss price.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just another one of those movement that you have never done but you have been thinking about it for sometime...and then one day you go...what about if i do this? then you just go for it. you may get it wrong a couple of time but after some try and error..Bingo!!! Done.
i had done the rocking and the twist but not holding it there on that position.
And know you got me thinking...what about if?

Monday, September 20, 2010


This couple of movement came to my head This morning after finishing training a client
They are very similar and will serve the same purpose .The are design to develop strength on your shoulders and core, getting you fit for the planche...one is a variation of the other. So choose one and have a go!
I know that at first the look simple but that doesn't mean they are not effective when done properly.
On the first one you just jump leaning your shoulders forward as far as possible. The idea is to hit the full planche position for a fraction of a second(try to make the contraction longer on each one) but remember that the idea is to pass by the planche say hello and go...do not try to hold.
And the second one is pretty much the same...just be careful when arching your back...do it gently, don't drop your hip at 100 km p/h because you may hurt your back. Start by doing 5 sets of 10 reps and see how it goes!
TIP: when you are trying to do the planche your mind is telling you to lean forward and you have to do this..she's right. But here is a little trick...have a chat with your mind on your way down to planche and think the opposite...resist gravity by pushing backward..you will see what happen!!! I find hard to explain this one...hope you can work it out!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


When you pull, your biceps, back and shoulders muscles get involve, and when you push, the triceps, pectorals and shoulder do the work. that is exactly what happen when you Push to handstand.
Dose tree muscle become a team to get you up there and down the easy and more comfortable way.
What happen if one of then goes on holiday? The other two have to work extra hard to help you up.
A common mistake that I see some acrobats doing when trying to do this exercise is that the tend to open the elbows out, breaking the synergy between dose muscle groups (Synergy?... Wow, not sure if that's the correct word) but sounds good! Hopefully you know what I mean. You will better understand it when you watch the video.
Lest cut the crap and keep it simple. This is my tip...”TUCK YOUR ELBOWS IN AND DON'T ARCH YOUR BACK”...push...push and push some more.
PS: 2 hours previous to me doing this short video I was in hospital in agony with my back problem and this beautiful nurse give me a Valium injection...knocking my down...so I was a bit drowsy...my apologies if my English sound worst than ever!
All the best.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Not an easy one this one. Do you know where the complexity is? I know I just said is not an easy one, but for the advance acrobat and with a good planche it shouldn't be that hard, after all the only thing you have to do is stop the motion at the right place, lock and contract, hit the position and hold. What make it difficult is the shoulder position in which you have to land...you have to give it the right angle, it depend in how much you lean forward or not. If you have a look at my shoulders when I land, you will notice that for security I'm living then to far back. I just need to convince myself that is OK to land on my face a couple of time. The other thing you may see, is that my hips are to low... but that again is me been careful...bringing then up will result on my shoulders going forward, wish is exactly what I need to make a perfect Jump Twist straddle Planche...wow that is a mouth full of a title for a single exercise!
I'm going for it...so I better stop writing and start training.

Give my a couple of weeks and I'll master this one 2!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

HOW TO FIX YOUR HANDSTAND..From banana 2 straight

This is a very common mistake when doing a handstand and is do to a lack of technique and Of Course and I'm going to repeat this forever..BC body-conditioning. This could be easily fix with some set of dishes and planks. But this is for another post.
I'm telling you now my friend, don't get into this lazy habit of doing a banana handstand if you ever want to do more than a simple handstand. Tackle it right from the beginning...fix it quick. The longer your live it the harder will be to correct.
OK, this is my quick tip for you!
To go from banana shape handstand to straight handstand you have to start by doing 3 things gradually at the same time.
1. Tuck your head in.
2. push the floor hard with your shoulders..get them as close to your ears as possible.
3. Bring your legs to the straight position starting from your toes.

PS: take your time, feel every movement, be aware of every thing that is going on at the same time...i know is a lot to take in, but hand balancing is about feeling, control, readjustment, concentration and enjoyment!
Go 4 it!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One of the biggest mistake people do when trying to balance on one hand is that the take the hand too fast from the floor, or they take it to far from the body, or too high or back and forward...what I'm trying to say is that whatever you do with that hand will influence the hall handstand...that hand is your steering wheel...if you take it to the front your body will twist to the front, if you lift it too fast or to high it will take the hips with you, knocking you down the handstand. go the point?

What i recommend is to take your time when taking that hand off the floor.
First go to the tips of your fingers...hold the balance..feel it, pay attention to what is going on on you
entire body especially your shoulder and hips...then you will know when to take your arm off the floor.
when you take your hand from the floor take a very slowly to the side and leave it hanging there( but closer to the ground) take your time to move that arm any further Thant that...and now....FEEL AND HOLD!

Good luck!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just when you think there's nothing else to learn, not because i think of myself of bn any better than anyone, just because i decide to park my body on the garage 2 years ago after using it and abusing it for more than 30 years, jumping up and down, landing on my head from time and breaking some bones while having fun. It come the day when you say, OK I'm happy I got my medals and trophies is time to stop...but not, we can't stop, we just rest, we have breaks, sometime very long break and then one day you get up and feel an acrobat again and start playing around again...and this is what's happening in my life at this moment. As you all know I'm a 41 years young man and have so much energy and passion for what I do that I can't stop and never will...sometime I think myself as been a 70 o 80 years young man doing a headstand or even a handstand...you never know, I may even learn a new trick.After all we never stop learning. And thanks to Michael from the PLANCHE TRAINING FORUM who ask for help on the Tiger Bend...Tiger Bend, what's that? I have to be honest and call me whatever but I never heard off in my life. So I discreetly when to Youtube ant type the pussycat bend, and there it was...a million of amazing acrobats standing on there elbows with arch back and pushing up to handstand.
Wow...”Just when you think there's nothing else to learn”...got my camera out, did a short warm up and went on my elbows and press all the way to handstand and there it was...THE TIGER BEND!!!

This is how I did it.

From tiger position you start leaning forward with your shoulders and your feet at the same time... there is a tendency to drop your legs...so you should keep then over your head at all time. then press to handstand...On the way down start by bending your arm slowly like a reverse press, then when you almost touch the floor start leaning backward leading with your elbows and always keeping your feet over your head(that's the idea)...very technical indeed.
you have to take it easy and feel every single move.
was it good for me? ...definitely. It was good to try something new but....
 Do to my 3 fracture disc in my lower back i find it a bit uncomfortable and even painful, but i did it. not something that i will be doing every day.
I was playing around a bit and manage to do some alternate tiger bend...another one to try!
 next week...ALTERNATE TIGER BEND!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Can you spot why I fall down?
1. Was I really ready to do the one hand?
2. Do you think the transfer of the weigh was too fast?
3. Was my balancing shoulder going in and out of position?
4. Did I lift my right hand off the floor too fast and too high?
5. Or did I rotate my hips too much?
to be continue...
I look forward to your comments!!!
Luis Sarabia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Since scapular muscles are heavily involve in handstand and planche training, we should know what they are, how they work and how to train them.
I remember back in Cuba on the mid 80Th when I was a junior gymnast, they make us do this exercise shown in the video above. I ask, what they are for? For your scapula, was the answer...and what's the scapula? I didn't got the answer for that one...(hey coach, your forgot to do you home work!)sure my coach didn't have a clue, so he decided to skip that one..but hey, the Russian gymnast where doing it, so it have to be good! And I'm sure he was wright...touch wood. Through my career I have injured, my back, neck, ankles, wrists... even my left ear, but never my shoulder...so, it works!!! Sorry couch, but I have to apologise because I completely forgot about the hall scapular thing till now...some 25 years later. Yes, it took me that long to find the answer to my own question. What's the scapula and what does it do?
I have found a short but very interesting article that I will like to share with you, so you don't have to wait another 25 years. Read here...
Any way the real purpose of the video was to show where the shoulders should be place when holding a two hand handstand or a one hand handstand for this matter.
Shoulders should be completely push out, next to your ears or as close as possible...you know what I mean? Push that floor and grow tall and lock your shoulder and the SCAPULAS!!!

Luis Sarabia



I think I over did it when training this. I went from not doing any acro for almost 2 years to do it every single day...keep forgetting all my injuries, but they haven't forgot me. You know what I'm trying to say here, don't you? I did 10 set of 5 reps of this beautiful move. ok...let this be a lesson “Don't over do it , because you may get Over injured!!! now I'll have to rest for at least a week, and that is a long unwanted break. You don't need to practice for hours and hours, and you don't need to do 1 million set of 2 million reps. Keep it short and intense...be intelligent when training and listen to your body..plan ahead your training session. Think about how much stress you are putting on your joints..especially your wrist when doing planche. You want to be injury free as much as possible!
All the best.
Luis Sarabia