Monday, September 20, 2010


This couple of movement came to my head This morning after finishing training a client
They are very similar and will serve the same purpose .The are design to develop strength on your shoulders and core, getting you fit for the planche...one is a variation of the other. So choose one and have a go!
I know that at first the look simple but that doesn't mean they are not effective when done properly.
On the first one you just jump leaning your shoulders forward as far as possible. The idea is to hit the full planche position for a fraction of a second(try to make the contraction longer on each one) but remember that the idea is to pass by the planche say hello and go...do not try to hold.
And the second one is pretty much the same...just be careful when arching your back...do it gently, don't drop your hip at 100 km p/h because you may hurt your back. Start by doing 5 sets of 10 reps and see how it goes!
TIP: when you are trying to do the planche your mind is telling you to lean forward and you have to do this..she's right. But here is a little trick...have a chat with your mind on your way down to planche and think the opposite...resist gravity by pushing backward..you will see what happen!!! I find hard to explain this one...hope you can work it out!!!


  1. Hi Ernesto!

    I see it, I try it and I must say: it's pretty hard! It looks easy to you, but it's difficult. And also, doing this will help to my planche training.

    Thanks for sharing it. All the bests!

  2. Hi there Marcelo! just take it easy...the more important thing is to try...just by trying you are already working on your planche..you will find that by practicing it will become easier.and by then you have to find a way to make it harder again...and that is how you get strong and improve.
    all the best,and thanks for the comment!

  3. Very nice post and moves, but I only started training tuck planche and that is impossible for me actually lol

  4. Hi!

    Thanks a lot, will try this after my boxing session to night!

    Regards: Henke

  5. Im totally lame and when i do first exercise my shoulders dont even pass hands. Does practicing it make sense? I didnt check all posts yet but do you have any movie saying how to start from the very beginning? Do i have to do hundreds of pushups before i try planche? It all is so complicated. I have so many questions. But in real i have no way to afford personal trainer u know, thats why im tryin online. Thanks for attention.